Water Remover, All Season Fuel Cleaner for Cars and Trucks, 5.25 Oz, STP


  • IMMEDIATELY REMOVE WATER SPOTS: STP water remover neutralizes alkaline stains with a mild acid, removing the stuck-on water stain or hard water spots quickly and effortlessly.
  • CAN BE USE ON PAINT, GLASS & METAL: All Season Water Remover can instantly erase alkaline water mineral stains from paintwork, glass, and polished metal surfaces.
  • REMOVE WATER SPOTS: Water remover effortlessly removes stuck-on stains in seconds. Water spot damage begins as droplets of water on paintwork and other surfaces. 
  • USE REGULARLY: STP water remover can inhibit corrosion and rust without harmful alcohol and it can  always keep fuel injector clean.
  • BEST BRAND IN CAR CARE: STP provides the finest car care products, and with world class customer support and vast detailing knowledge!


This concentrated fuel treatment helps maintain optimum performance all year round. It works to fight rust and corrosion while removing condensation in warm weather, and helps prevent fuel line freeze.

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