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Electronic devices are very vital in any car, and yours is not exempted. With the right combination of electronic gadgets in a car, driving becomes easier, enjoyable and fun filled. At Goso direct, we believe that every driving session should be a time of unforgettable adventure whether it’s just for a short dash or over a really long journey. To ensure that this is made possible for you, we have assembled the most relevant gadgets you need to transform your driving experience. From our brand new super innovative Car Garage Sensor, which will certainly blow your mind, to our powerful Dash Cam Cameras which are available in different designs, from our fashionable Air Purifiers and Smoke Eliminators to our ultramodern GPS Display Projectors , and of course, there is also our Car Battery Jump Starter along with an Emergency Power Bank. You will also get the unique Karaoke Wireless Bluetooth Mic and FM Radio Transmitter. We are thrilled to introduce our Car Garage Sensor, which is a great innovation, this device helps you park accurately every time. No need of anybody directing you from outside and you will never have problem of improper parking with the authorities again. It is wireless, programmable and uses 6 AAA batteries, it’s also very portable and easy to use. The Car Garage Sensor is one gadget every car must have, yours inclusive!