Car Care

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When you have been able to spend big and acquire the car of your dreams, the next most important thing you must do without fail is to maintain the car and always ensure it’s a tip-top shape and ready to go. At Gosodirect, we perfect understand the integral role your car plays, and that is why we have made your car maintenance task all too easy for you by putting together in one place all the necessary car care products you will ever need to ensure that your precious ride looks its best all the time. Feel free to browse through our quality range of car care products, as you will find them very handy. From our time tested and well trusted Rain-X Wiper Blade collections which are available in latitudes 19 through to 28, to our array of super effective car leather cleaners and from our fog preventing Rain-X Anti Fog to our classic Rain-X Glass treatment which dramatically repels water on your glass screen to give you a hassle free driving experience during rainfall. All these products not only keeps your car fit for use but also ensures that your time spent on the wheels are always fun and memorable experiences that you will always want to have a repeat of. Among our Car Leather Cleaners are a collection of products from the best manufacturers in the industry including Refresh Car, Zymol, Airbiotics, Blue Magic and ArmorAll. These brands will not only clean your car leather accessories but will also kill off germs and bacteria to ensure you are protected from such micro-organisms. Our Rain-X Anti Fog when applied to car interior glass and mirrors will instantly reduce interior fogging and remove smoke residue. For your safety and that of your car, Goso range of car care products is all you need.