Tactical & Personal Defense

Guns are quite delicate to carry about and so requires the highest degree of care and attention. To make it extremely easy for you to go about with your guns, we have taken time to gather a collection of different gun accessories, mostly holsters, so that you can conveniently keep your guns safe while you go about your work. No matter the type of short gun you have, we are confident that you will find the perfect holster to match it here. All our holsters are made by thorough professionals using quality materials. In our collection, you will get to find the following accessories H&K holster, S&W holster, IMI defense holster, Israeli holster, and Israeli army knife. You will also find quality holster adapters that can attach to different types of holsters and pouches. There are also top grade military backpacks as well as military belts of various camouflage colors. Our H&K holsters include the famous Orpaz USP gun holster that features a 360 degree rotation paddle with belt and also comes with a tension adjustment screw, the thumb release holster and the Roto Retention Right Hand Holster. We also have a rich stock of the S&W holster which include an array of top notch holsters with 360 degree rotation, paddle and belt as well as tension adjustment screw. All the holsters you can find here are all Israeli holsters which are well known for their quality and functionality. From single rifle holsters to double, 2-in-1, pistol holsters, as well as the exceptional thigh holster, we can assure you that you will find the best kind of holster that perfectly fit your gun. We also have various types of Israeli army knife. These army knives are specially crafted for military uses, they are sharp, strong with ergonomic designs that makes handling them very easy. When you think of world class gun accessories, Goso direct is the way to go!