Fully Loaded Car EZ Pass Holder Toll Tag Holder Fits New & Old Transponder i-Pass i-Zoom Clear


  • The Best Way to attach your EZ Pass Toll Tag to the windshield of your Car, Truck, RV, or Motorcycle
  • No adhesive necessary. Easy to put it On! Easy to Remove it! Slip the Tag into the E-Z Mount and stick it to the windshield with the suction cups.
  • Its large suction cups securely hold the tag in place...without using permanent adhesive strips
  • E-Z Mount easily removes for cleaning the windshield, or when you are switching to another vehicle or when you just don't need it
  • Suitable for the following States: NJ NY PA DE IL IN OH VA WV MD MA RI NH SC FL and I-Pass C-Pass Palmetto Pass. For use with both the new smaller Kapsch Model 801660A-TAB and the original Mark IV transponder (See back of unit) Please check compatibility. Not for use with EZ Pass Flex, FasTrak.


Avoid risking a costly toll violation. Toll authorities require that toll passes be firmly affixed to your windshield, not hand held. The E-Z Mount Toll Pass Holder allows you to firmly mount your toll transponder to your windshield without the sticky mess of a permanent adhesive.

The E-Z Mount Toll Pass Holder attaches to your windshield using dual suction cups making it easy to install, easy to remove and easy to switch between vehicles. The E-Z Mount Toll Pass Holder is Clear and made from lightweight UV resistant ABS plastic and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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