Turtle Wax Spray & Wipe Car Interior Wipes (Protectant)


  • 4-in-1 formula clean, shines, protects and deodorizes automotive surfaces
  • Prevents fading, cracking and drying on plastic, vinyl & rubber surfaces
  • Non-greasy formula leaves behind a fresh new car scent
  • Spray & Wipe Packaging includes 20 7"x8" wipes and a 8 oz. spray


The first-ever car care product that combines the control and performance of the traditional spray trigger bottle and microfiber towel with the convenience of the automotive cleaning wipes.

Step 1: Twist to separate shrink wrap at perforated line. Pull bottom spray bottle out of canister. Pull one wipe through canister lid from center of wipe roll and tear sheet off.

Step 2: For Large Areas: Spray directly onto surface. Clean with wipe. Replace wipe as needed.

Step 3: Controlled Application: Spray directly onto wipe & apply to the desired surface. Reapply and replace as needed.

Step 4: Excess Removal: Use a dry detailing wipe to remove excess product. Buff to a streak-free finish.

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