Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating, Easy to Apply Long-Lasting Ceramic Coating Spray, 16 Fl Oz.


  • REPEL WATER AND CONTAMINANTS: Turtle wax ceramic spray has a super hydrophobic and SiO2 polymers that deliver water repelling, water sheeting, and chemical resistant protection that can last up to 12 months
  • EASY APPLICATION: Directly spray on a clean dry car, spread it with a microfiber cloth, for best results paint should be free of contaminants prior to application.
  • BRILLIANT MIRROR SHINE: Turtle wax ceramic spray can add a brilliant mirror-like shine that increases the depth of color and finish by reducing water spots and contaminants.
  • CAN BE USED IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT: These ceramic spray can also be used in direct sunlight and on all exterior surfaces including glass, headlights, trim and wheels, not recommended for soft side convertible tops.
  • Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray continues to develop to give a superior protection for your car. Its collection features a sweet fruity fragrance


Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions line is designed for most discerning detailers. Yet this cleverly-crafted, professional-grade, suite of products is the most approachable on the market from an ease-of-use and price perspective. With the perfect blend of the latest technologies in car care, teamed with Turtle Wax’s decades of experience, Hybrid Solutions is to deliver unmatched results. Not only will cars treated with Hybrid Solutions have a high-gloss shine and durable protection for today’s finishes, but they’ll be ready to hit the road for any unexpected adventure.

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