TrexNYC Protectant Wipes, Car Interior Cleaner with UV Protection to Protect Interior Car Surfaces and Fight Cracking & Fading, 3 Packs

  • Keep Your Car's Interior Sparkling Clean: TrexNYC Car Interior Wipes are perfect for wiping away dirt, dust, and grime from your car's dashboard, door panels, and seats, leaving your vehicle looking fresh and clean.

  • Crystal Clear Car Every Time: Our Protectant car cleaning wipes are designed to quickly and effectively clean your vehicle interior, leaving them spotless and streak-free. No more struggling with messy sprays and paper towels! 

  • Protect Your Car's Interior: TrexNYC Protectant car wipes interior cleaning is infused with a powerful cleaner and protector that helps guard against the damaging effects of harmful elements, keeping your car's interior looking new for longer.

  • All-In-One Car Cleaning Wipes Solution: Our Car Wipes interior cleaning are the ultimate solution for on-the-go car cleaning. With a combination of interior cleaner, car glass cleaner, and dash cleaner protector in one convenient wipe, you can quickly clean and protect your car's interior all in one go.

  • Easy to Use and Convenient: With our Protectant car wipes interior cleaning, cleaning your car has never been easier. Pull out a wipe and start cleaning. No more fussing with multiple cleaning products, sprays, or paper towels. Clean and protect your car's interior with ease using TrexNYC Protectant Wipes.

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