TrexNYC Leather Wipes - Interior Car Wipes, All-In-One Car Wipes & Interior Cleaner - Powerful, Convenient, and Effective Solution for All Your Car Cleaning Needs, 4 Packs

  • Keep your car's leather interior looking brand new with TrexNYC Leather wipes - specially formulated to clean, condition, and protect your car's leather surfaces.

  • Say goodbye to dull and dirty leather surfaces with our interior car wipes that infuse with a unique blend of cleaning agents and conditioners, leaving your leather seats soft and supple.

  • Our leather cleaning wipes are easy to use and come in a convenient pack that can be stored in your car's glove compartment for quick access whenever you need them.

  • Whether you're looking to clean and protect your car's leather dashboard, seats, or steering wheel, our car cleaning wipes have got you covered - making your car's interior shine like new.

  • Don't settle for ordinary car wipes that can damage your vehicle's leather surfaces. Choose TrexNYC Leather wipes and experience the ultimate protection for your car's leather interior.

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