TrexNYC Donut Pillow - Memory Foam Sitting pillow - Car Seat & Office Chair Cushion - Slip-Resistant with Soft Surface, 4 PACK


  • Cloud-like Comfort: Premium memory foam cradles your body, reducing pressure and providing ultimate comfort for long drives or sitting sessions
  • Goodbye Tailbone Pain: Donut-shaped design alleviates pressure on your tailbone, promoting healthy posture and pain relief.
  • Versatile Support: Perfect for car seats, office chairs, and even home use for added comfort wherever you sit.
  • Washable & Durable: Removable zippered cover allows for easy cleaning, while the high-quality materials ensure long-lasting use.
  • Stay-in-Place Design: Anti-slip rubber dots on the bottom prevent the cushion from slipping, keeping you secure and comfortable.


Experience the difference true comfort makes with the TrexNYC Donut Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion. Made with premium memory foam that contours to your body, this innovative cushion provides exceptional support and pressure relief, whether you're driving for hours or sitting at your desk all day. Embrace Comfort, Say Goodbye to Pain. The unique donut-shaped design cradles your tailbone made with 16*13 size dimensions and height 3 inches, evenly distributing weight and reducing pressure to alleviate pain and discomfort. The soft, plush memory foam conforms to your curves, providing personalized support and promoting healthy posture for a pain-free sitting experience. More Than Just a Car Seat Cushion: Versatile design makes it perfect for various uses, including car seats, office chairs, even wheelchairs, providing comfort wherever you sit. The removable zippered cover allows for easy washing, ensuring your cushion stays fresh and hygienic. Anti-slip rubber dots on the bottom keep the cushion securely in place, preventing it from sliding or shifting. Invest in Your Comfort, Invest in TrexNYC Indulge in the ultimate driving or sitting experience with the TrexNYC Donut Memory Foam Cushion. Order yours today and discover the difference true comfort can make!

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