T-Rex Steering Wheel Cover, Black, Soft Cushined Fake Leather, Anti-Slip Design


  • Premium Material - Being made of Memory Foam Fabric, weighs 10.9 oz. reduce the hand sweat and help drivers' hands slip down the wheel. super HQ rubber odourless that grips tight to the wheel
  • Universal Fit - the T-Rex Steering Wheel Cover will fit most standard steering wheels cars that measuring approximately 14.5-16 inches in diameter
  • Protection - Will protect users against heat and gives a non-slip surface to make driving with control all that more attainable
  • Very easy to install - even for those who have never had a steering wheel cover before. Safe - It is airbags compatible.
  • Compatible with - Honda, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Dodge, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Chevrolet, RAM, GMC, BMW, ETC


The way we decorate and maintain our car is a way of telling how much we love driving.
The car steering wheel covers are comparatively cheaper and still hold big significance from the drivers' point of view.
You, me or anyone who has experienced driving can understand how crucial it is to comfortably hold the steering, be it a long drive or a short one.
Keeping your steering wheel in tip-top shape is crucial in manoeuvring your vehicle properly.
Using a steering wheel cover not only prolongs its life but also keeps you and your passengers safe from harm.
Although it may seem like an unnecessary accessory, the steering wheel cover actually does more than you think.
The steering wheel cover gives you a better grip on the steering wheel.
This is helpful when driving with sweaty palms or during cold weather when getting a good grip on the steering wheel can be difficult.
It brings added comfort, It helps you add a personal touch, It’s affordable !!!

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