T-Rex Bumper Protector for Cars Bumper, 2021 New Version Rear Bumper Guard (6 inches High)


  • UNIVERSAL FIT - This bumper guard fits most cars small and large, measure your car bumper before the purchase to make sure this 6" high bumper protector will fit nice and not cover important areas, such as the muffler etc. We also have a 8" high and a 4" high bumper protector.
  • NEW DESIGN - New Waffle Weave finish on the surface of the Bumper Protector, Easy to clean and keeps the rear bumper guard looking like new for very long time.
  • FULL PROTECTION - Extra wide (76 inches) the T-Rex bumper protector also curves around the corners.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of high density durable and all weather foam material, rear bumper guard that is only 1/4 of a inch thick and enough to protect your bumper from dings dents and scratches when you park the car.
  • SECURED & EASY to INSTALL - Secured in place with the 2 Velcro straps the bumper security attaches right on the carpet of your trunk, and adjustable straps. Lightweight (only 1.5 lb.) this bumper guard can be installed in a breath.


Protect your car bumper with this stylish, lightweight, easy to install T-Rex Bumper Protector. This T-Rex Rear Bumper Guard will protect your car bumper from getting scratches or dents while parking in the city next to other vehicles.

The T-Rex Rear Bumper Guard is made of high density durable and all weather foam material that absorbs the impact of another car bumping into your car while trying to park. The inner layer is soft fabric to protect your car paint. The outer layer is a stylish waffle weave finish to give your car a luxury look and feel while driving with the bumper guard on.

The T-Rex car bumper protector attaches to your vehicle with the 2 straps that go inside the trunk and with the 2 side velcro straps that are removable and adjustable to fit most car bumpers, the side straps extend about 26" from the corner of bumper protector, giving you enough length to fit on almost any vehicle.
You can also use this bumper guard without the side straps, by using the velcro strips instead, simply attach the velcro strip to your car and the bumper guard will stick to it firmly.
The installation without the side straps gives you the minimalist look that does not affect the aesthetics of your car while offering the same level of protection.

This T-Rex Rear Bumper Guard is 76" wide and 6" high, giving all around protection to your car's rear bumper.

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