TrexNYC Blind Spot Mirror - Convex Mirror for Larger Side View, Enhanced Safety with Side Mirror Blindspot and Ideal Side View Mirror Blind Spot Solution, 2 Packs


  • Safety driving: Enhance your driving safety with the TrexNYC Blind Spot Mirror, providing a broader perspective for highway maneuvers and precise parking. Stay vigilant with this essential car mirror.
  • Angle view: Maximize your visibility with our blind spot mirrors for cars. Perfect for parking, navigating traffic, and monitoring bikers. Drive confidently, knowing you have a comprehensive side-view mirror blind spot solution.
  • Easy to install: Experience hassle-free installation with TrexNYC. Peel and stick the blindspot mirror for cars onto your existing rearview mirror. Enjoy the benefits of an instant and effective upgrade to your side-view mirror.
  • Durability: Built to last, the TrexNYC Blind Spot Mirror is crafted for durability. Waterproof, rust-proof, and anti-glare, this car mirror ensures a clear view in all weather conditions. Say goodbye to hazing glass and embrace long-lasting safety.
  • Universal fit: Our blind spot mirror for cars boasts a universal fit, making it compatible with various vehicles. Upgrade your side view mirror blind spot coverage effortlessly and drive confidently, knowing you have TrexNYC's reliable solution.


Revolutionize your driving experience with the TrexNYC Blind Spot Mirror, a must-have for every car enthusiast. Safeguard your journey with a viewpoint, ensuring you never miss a moment on the highway or face challenges when maneuvering into tight parking spaces. As you hit the road, let TrexNYC redefine your safety, providing a convex mirror for a larger viewing image of your blind spot.

The TrexNYC Blind Spot Mirror offers an easy installation process. Peel and stick the ultra-strong adhesive onto your existing rear view mirror, and voila – witness an instant enhancement in your side view mirror blind spot coverage. The wide-angle view ensures you maximize visibility for tasks like parking, pulling out of tight spots, and keeping a vigilant eye on bikers. TrexNYC is a seamless integration into your driving routine.

Embrace unparalleled safety on the road with TrexNYC. Our spot mirror is not just an accessory; it's for all drivers seeking confidence in every journey. The durability of this blind spot mirror is unmatched – waterproof, rust-proof, anti-glare, and featuring hazing-free glass, it stands the test of time. Don't compromise on safety; equip your car with TrexNYC and navigate the streets confidently.

Don't let blind spots compromise your safety. Elevate your driving experience by adding TrexNYC Blind Spot Mirror to your cart now! Experience the peace of mind with a clear, wide-angle view, and drive confidently, knowing that TrexNYC has your blind spots covered. Upgrade your car mirror today for a safer, smoother, and more enjoyable journey!

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