Senso Deluxe Gel Air Freshener Odor Neutralizer For Home, Car, Much More, Sweet Cherry


  • THE FRAGRANCE YOU NEED: Make a smooth and delightful atmosphere with our premium car air fresheners! The odor eliminator is long-lasting, beautiful scented, and you can pick from a large variety of scents and gel consistency.
  • ENHANCES YOUR MOOD: Let those driving days be comforting with the scent of this Senso gel air freshener in your car, but more than the drive it is the fragrance of this air gel freshener that will bring back your senses.
  • DURABLE SCENT: This car air purifier features a long-lasting technology that will let you enjoy its fragrance for up to 75 days from broaching. Our 50ml container can be easily masked, leaving it to release the perfume gradually without anyone noticing it visually.
  • ODOR ABSORBING: The unpleasant odors will be absorbed from your car, office, bathroom, or bedroom. The compact air refresher for the car features an innovative formula that guarantees a neutralizing effect on the bad odors
  • FOR YOUR LOVED ONES: The car air conditioner makes for a lovely Christmas, birthday, or anniversary present for your loved ones. With plenty of fragrances to try out, you can choose the best car air freshener that will suit your taste.


The amazing car freshener fragrance is a must-have for your long road trips. Easy to use, practical, and safe, this odor-absorbing gel allows you to create a fresh and perfumed passage compartment in your car. The 50 ml container will ensure a long-lasting perfumed smell, with a gradual release of its scent. Get rid of the harsh and intoxicating smells in your car with our deluxe collection of air fresheners.

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