Rain X Windshield De-Icer Spray With Quick Melting Action, 15 oz


  • HIGH PERFORMANCE FORMULA: Rain X  de-icer spray is formulated to quickly melt frost and light ice on car windows, windshield and wiper blades.
  • HEAVY DUTY SCRAPER CAP: This De-Icer spray is designed with a scraper to help reduce your scraping time so that you can be on your way in no time!
  • QUICK MELTING ACTION: Contains highly concentrated formula that provides quick melting action on your frozen windshield.
  • RAIN-X TREATMENT: This deicer spray can instantly apply Rain X treatment into your windshield! So no more being late to work in the mornings!
  • TOP BRAND: Rain-X continues to develop and gives a superior shine for your car! We are positive that you will achieve the best result in using our Rain-X  De-Icer spray.


Rain- X De-Icer spray applies water beading technology! Removes light snow and ice & helps repel road spray. -25 Degrees F. Made in the USA.

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