Ozium Cigar Odor Eliminating Gel Eliminates Smoke Smell at Auto Home & Office Outdoor Essence 4.5oz


  • The anywhere odor eliminator
  • Works hard to fight smoke and odors in all small spaces, including your vehicle, home, locker, office
  • Allows for scent level control
  • Consistently provides on going odor elimination - works around the clock
  • Ideal for small spaces, place it anywhere


Ozium Odor eliminating Gels can be placed in all small spaces and have a patented fragrance formula that truly eliminates odor. Twist top allows for scent level control. They work around the clock to maintain your environment.

The Ozium outdoor essence contains true odor eliminating patented fragrance formula that works in two ways to remove malodors firstly. Before the fragrance hits the nose it changes the chemical structure of the malodor so it is no longer malodorous. Secondly, When it hits the nose it changes the nose's receptor sites so the ability to smell the malodor is reduced.

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