Oval Oil Funnels for Automotive Use Plastic King Size Funnel for Gas, Lubricants and Fluids, Kitchen Funnels for Filling Bottles, Multi-Purpose Funnel By Custom Accessories


  • OVAL FUNNEL: This king size oval funnel is designed for multiple liquid applications, it is also set to prevent any dust or debris from getting in, while its wide neck allows fluid to be poured at any angle.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: These funnels for automotive use are not just for cars! It is also used in the kitchen as oil funnel, in restaurants, as an oil funnel for oil change to pour engine fuel or as a fluid transmission funnel.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: Lightweight and sturdy, you can always take this fuel funnel on the road or anywhere you go. After you use it, you can just hang it up for easy storage.
  • EASY TO USE FUNNEL: Our funnels are simple, safe and perfect for any fluid transmission. Simply insert it into the tank or containers and pour in liquid. It is also leak-fre and spill free.
  • DURABILITY: These king size funnels are Robust and corrosion-resistant, this high quality king size funnel set will help you smoothly transfer any kind of liquid for years to come.


These king size funnels can be multipurpose; it can be as a lab, kitchen, and as automotive funnel. The heavy-duty, yet lightweight and sturdy design provides users with a comfortable and ergonomic pouring experience. Perfect multi-purpose funnel for fuel, lubricants and liquid oil. Lightweight and sturdy construction will not break and will not tip over. The mouth of these king size funnels are engineered to protect from spills and liquid loss. Perfect for car maintenance, changing oil, and filling the narrow bottlenecks of containers, flasks, jugs, gasoline tanks, fuel drums, or depositing coins in a change bucket or tip jar. It can also resist corrosion from most liquids including fuel, oil, lubricants, coolants, pure liquid chemicals and more.

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