Orpaz T40 G19 Holster with Light Left Handed compatible with Glock 19 Holster with Light (Large Pistol Lights, Belt Attachment)


  • LEFT HANDED LIGHT BEARING DUTY HOLSTER: T40X duty holster is compatible with Glock 19 GEN 1 to GEN 5 with mounted pistol lights, sights, and optics. Compatible with Streamlight TLR-7, TLR-6, TLR-8, Olight PL Mini 2, Baldr Mini, and similar weapon lights that measure up to 1.25 inches wide. Accommodates pistols with barrel extension with an additional T40/X Barrel Extension Muzzle Support Replacement purchase.
  • UNMATCHED MODULAR DESIGN: The Orpaz T-SERIES T40X compatible with Glock 19 holster left handed. Unmatched modularity for multiple light-equipped pistols! Designed to offer tailored adjustability to be compatible with your choice of a wide variety of lights and lasers. You won’t need to buy a new holster for a new setting. Simply adjust the T40X! Customize your holster with various attachments, including adjustable cant and ride height to fit your needs!
  • LEVEL II RETENTION DUTY HOLSTER: T40X keeps your firearm in place! Carry with confidence knowing the gun will stay put until you draw it. A revolutionary thumb release lever is ergonomically placed to allow an intuitive release of your firearm with a smooth, swift draw. Keep your pistol safer than ever with robust magnetic retention. Simply slide the pistol into the holster to secure it pull to release.
  • BELT LOOP ATTACHMENT: Fits outside the waistband (OWB) on any belt up to 2 inches wide. Contoured to sit comfortably against the side to provide a mounting point on your belt. Spreading the weight of the pistol and holster out evenly. The retaining hooks are made to buckle on the underside of a 1.75"" wide belt. Preventing your holster from moving up and down while drawing your weapon.
  • PROVEN DURABILITY: A new level of durability of OWB is constructed with injection-molded polymer materials. Despite its' sturdy nature, it's surprisingly lightweight and compact. Rugged and sleek profile engineered to increase comfort. Made in ISRAEL.


Orpaz T-Series T40X Light Bearing Holster
We have designed the G19 Light Bearing Holster with tactical operators in mind. A lightweight, fast, and customizable Light-Bearing Holsters with an innovative design allows full adjustability for width, height, rotation, and retention and is compatible with all Orpaz adapters and attachments.

Highest Level of Security
The G19 Light Bearing Holster Provides optimal security with a level II retention mechanism that prevents anyone but the wearer from drawing the pistol. A Thumb-Lock and Release button is ergonomically placed on the inner part of the holster to give you easy and exclusive access to your pistol, And a magnetic retention surface is placed at the end of the barrel for added security.

Compatible with Glock 19 GEN 1 to GEN 5 pistols with mounted pistol lights, sights, & optics.

The Orpaz T40X fits LARGE-SIZE pistol lights and is compatible with Streamlight TLR-1 HL, TLR-1, TLR-2, Olight Baldr Pro, Surefire X300, and similar weapon lights that measure up to 1.5 inches wide.

Belt Loop Attachment
The Belt Loop attachment fits outside the waistband (OWB) on all belts up to 2.25 inches wide. Fully adjustable, durable, and elastic.

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