Orpaz OMS Drop-Leg Receiver Attachment for the Orpaz Holster Insert or MOLLE Insert, Black


  • Will accept any accessory attached to a Orpaz OMS Holster or MOLLE Insert (insert is not included)
  • Anti-slip straps consisting of rubber tracks woven into the material to prevent slipping
  • Fully Adjustable for comfort and durable fit around your leg
  • Fast and easy draw , Can be connected to your duty belt
  • A Double-magazine addition can be added to the platform using the X3 Adapter


The ORPAZ OMS DROP-LEG PLATFORM RECEIVER is designed to accept any accessory with an OMS insert, Easily attach your holster or any other accessory with an OMS insert on your leg, Move your gear from your belt to your leg to your vest within seconds.
The OMS Leg Platform Receiver provides a secure, ergonomic structure, With full adjustability and maximum functionality. Orpaz leg platform is the Ultimate carry options for tactical operators.

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