Orpaz G40 Pistol Mag Pouch Compatible with Glock 40 Magazine Holster for 0.40, 9mm Magazine Holder, Double Mag, Leg


  • FIT CHECK: DOUBLE magazine holder compatible with Glock 40 magazine holster fits all 9mm and 0.40 caliber magazines.
  • ADJUSTABILITY & RETENTION: The pistol magazine pouch offers tailored retention and cant angle adjustability with an Allen Key (included). Mag pouch carrier is ambidextrous for both right-handed & left-handed users. Switch between any Orpaz attachments with no hassle.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Open top allows the magazine's intuitive and easy removal and insertion. The lower cap will enable users to have a secure grip regardless of how they hold the mag. Avoid the flap! Reinsert effortlessly with one hand. Rugged, lightweight, and sleek profile engineered to increase comfort and conceal the magazine pouch without residual print.
  • DROP-LEG PLATFORM: The Thigh Rig Drop-Leg Platform is designed to meet the demands of tactical operation units with unobstructed access to your sidearm. Secure your holster firmly in place with fully adjustable thigh straps. The thigh pad is contoured to provide a snug and comfortable fit. Features quick-release buckle for fast action and mobility. As an added bonus, a designated space to carry an additional Orpaz accessory.
  • PROVEN DURABILITY:A new level of durability is constructed with injection-molded polymer materials—worry-free holster with no velcro noise and construction material that doesn't wear off. Get the best quality product at a reasonable price with unmatched functionality and features!


Shoval Series
Be prepared for anything with the Orpaz double magazine holster that is compatible with the Glock 40 Magazine.
The Orpaz Glock 40 magazine holder is adjustable for rotation & retention, and is compatible with all Orpaz adapters & attachments, so you enjoy 100% modularity.
Made in Israel from high quality impact-resistant polymer.

Drop-Leg Platform
The Thigh Rig Drop-Leg Platform was designed to meet the demands of tactical operation units. It fits perfectly around the leg, and offers secure, ergonomic mobility and easy access. Fully adjustable and has two options of heights, allowing you to position your holster right where your hand naturally rests.

About Orpaz
Orpaz was founded by retired members of the Israeli special forces and police units, who after decades of experience in the field, know what it takes to perform efficiently and effectively. We are not only a veteran company; we work with active service personnel, so we are constantly up to date with the ever-changing landscape of the modern arena. At Orpaz, we are committed to working with you to provide the optimal solution for each unique scenario. Made in Israel.

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