Orpaz CZ P07 Holster w/ CZ P07 Magazine Holster OWB Holster for Sights & Optics


  • Adjustable to fit all type of front sights that are mounted on your CZ P07
  • Quick release and secured with the ergonomically positioned thumb release mechanism
  • Special Paddle GEN II adapter that comes with a Magazine holster that is fully adjustable for retention and rotation, and is slightly curved for a natural fit to the shape of your body, Grips tightly to your belt or pants
  • Constructed from rugged, lightweight polymer and Compatible with Orpaz attachments and adapters
  • Designed in cooperation with IDF counter-terrorism teams, and Made in Israel


The Orpaz T41 CZ P07 Holster, is designed with tactical operators in mind, in cooperation with IDF counter-terrorism teams
The T41 CZ P07 holster is adjustable to fit all type of sights/optics that are mounted on your CZ PO7.
The T41 Holster is also adjustable for rotation and is compatible with Orpaz Modular System (OMS) attachments and all other Orpaz attachments and accessoriess. Made in Israel from high quality impact-resistant polymer.

The Orpaz T41 CZ P 07 Holster provides security and quick release with the Thumb-Release button that is ergonomically placed on the inner part of the holster to give you easy and exclusive access to your pistol and prevents anyone but the wearer from drawing the pistol.

Paddle GEN II
The Paddle Gen II holds any two Orpaz accessories in any order you choose, so you can respond to a threat quickly, and effectively.
The Paddle Gen II attachment is slightly curved to the natural shape of your body, grips tightly to your belt or pants, and is easily removable. Fully adjustable, durable, and elastic, slip in on and off your belt or pants immediately.

ERAN Magazine Holster
The Orpaz Eran double stack single magazine holster used for the CZ P07 Magazine, is fully adjustable with a retention screw, and its rotation is 100% adjustable to your preference. Fully compatible with all Orpaz adapters, so you enjoy 100% modularity.

About Orpaz
Orpaz was founded by retired members of the Israeli special forces and police units, who after decades of experience in the field, know what it takes to perform efficiently and effectively. We are not only a veteran company; we work with active service personnel, so we are constantly up to date with the ever-changing landscape of the modern arena. Made in Israel.

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