Mothers Leather Conditioner, Car Leather Care, 12 oz.


  • Mothers Leather Conditioner seals leather after cleaning (Mothers Leather Cleaner sold separately) to help prevent further staining
  • Mothers Leather Conditioner provides a protective barrier to seal out the effects of sun, time and daily use
  • Regular use provides a long lasting benefit to your vehicle
  • Listing is for (1) Mothers Leather Conditioner 12oz Bottle


Mothers Leather Conditioner is formulated from premium neatsfoot oil and lanolin. Neatsfoot oil is made from animal proteins and is a natural leather conditioner and protectant. Mothers has combined neatsfoot with lanolin, another natural moisturizer, to revive dry leather and keep new leather supple.

Mothers Leather Conditioner absorbs into the pores to condition the leather while forming a protective barrier against the sun. Your leather will retain its youthful glow longer with regular cleaning and conditioning.

Use Mothers Leather Conditioner on all your leather goods for a luxurious texture and a healthy satin sheen. Always use Mothers Leather Cleaner (sold separately) first to ensure your leather is free of all oils and dirt, which may inhibit the performance of the conditioner.

Mothers Leather Conditioner will soften, rejuvenate, and protect it from daily wear and tear. No one can care for your leather like Mothers.

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