LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener Vent Wrap, Provides Long-Lasting Scent for Car, Invisibly Fresh! Watermelon, 4 Pack


  • INVISIBLY FRESH AIR FRESHENER: The slim design of this vent wrap air freshener allows air to flow freely while delivering a consistent, pleasant fragrance!
  • FRESHEN YOUR LIFE: Make your car Invisibly Fresh with LITTLE TREES Vent Wrap – an air freshener that blends in with a scent that stands out
  • DISCREET DESIGN BLENDS INTO CAR VENTS: Our vent wrap air freshener can slide onto an auto vent blade for a seamless and hidden look; you will notice the scent, not the air freshener.
  • LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE: With two weeks of steady fragrance per Vent Wrap, a 4-pack delivers up to 60 days of fragrance.
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS: It contains 4 individually wrapped vent wrap car air fresheners Watermelon.


LITTLE TREES has been making life smell better since 1952, with the global symbol of freshness and quality. With our wide range of high-quality, long-lasting products and fragrances, you’re sure to find one you love. At home or on the road, let LITTLE TREES freshen your life.

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