K29 Strawberry Stone Air Freshener, Environmentally Safe and Long-lasting Fragrance, 2 Packs


  • BOLD SCENTS: K29 scent stone air freshener can effectively remove odors and make the air fresher, which can turn your car into a fresher and calming ambiance.
  • HIGH-QUALITY FRAGRANCE: Our scent stone air freshener contains natural essential oils that have a good smell which you will enjoy while driving.
  • UP TO 90 DAYS OF FRESHNESS: Each individual scent stone air freshener delivers freshness, for up to 45 days for a total of up to 90 days per package.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Our K29 scent stone is made from natural material which has a pleasant smell and can be used as an aroma diffuser.
  • LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE: K29 scent stone freshener releases a continuous fragrance, keeping your car smelling fresh and clean at the same time.


K29 Stone Air Freshener - Strawberry (pack of 2) brings the refreshing scent of fresh strawberries to your vehicle, office, closet, bathroom, waste pail, or similarly sized area. The world-famous, original long-lasting K29 original Scent Stone lasts up to 45 days. Made in the USA with high-quality fragrance oils - heavy fragrance oil concentration loads ensure an enduring scent. Environmentally safe, the K29 Scent Stone is crafted from all-natural ingredients. The unique continuous fragrance release will keep your space smelling sweet for weeks.

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