K29 Stone Air freshener, Environmentally Safe and Long-lasting Fragrance (Vanilla), 2 Packs


  • Bold scents/long lasting for auto, office, closets, bathrooms, waste pails or similarly sized areas
  • Lasts up to 45 days - world famous and original K29 Stone
  • Made in USA with high quality fragrance oils - heavy fragrance oil concentration loads
  • Environmentally safe - all natural ingredients
  • Continuous fragrance release


K29 products are high quality air fresheners made with the finest, safest, natural ingredients. Our wonderful variety of 13 fabulous fragrances offer the most pleasing aromas on the market today. Whether used in the car, in the home, at the office, or any location where air freshening is desired, K29 products are guaranteed to gratify your fragrance needs.

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