K29 Stone Air Freshener, Environmentally Safe and Long-lasting Fragrance (Blossom), 2 Packs


  • Bold scents/long lasting for auto, office, closets, bathrooms, waste pails or similarly sized areas
  • Lasts up to 45 days - world famous and original K29 Stone
  • Made in USA with high quality fragrance oils - heavy fragrance oil concentration loads
  • Environmentally safe - all natural ingredients
  • Continuous fragrance release


K29 Stone Air Freshener -  brings the unmistakable scent of fresh cherries to your vehicle, office, closet, bathroom, waste pail, or similarly sized area. The world-famous, original long-lasting K29 original Scent Stone lasts up to 45 days. Made in the USA with high-quality fragrance oils - heavy fragrance oil concentration loads ensure an enduring scent. Environmentally safe, the K29 Scent Stone is crafted from all-natural ingredients. The unique continuous fragrance release will keep your space smelling sweet for weeks.

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