Heavy Duty Brake Fluid, Dot 3 Brake Fluid Protects Brake Systems, ABS, Disc and Drum Systems, 12 Oz, by STP, 3 Packs


  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: STP dot 3 brake fluid can provide protection to your entire braking system and can give you an extra margin of safety operation during extreme driving conditions
  • BRAKE FLUID: This STP brake fluid is made to provide protection against brake failure from vapor lock.
  • PREVENTS CORROSION: Our dot 3 brake fluid can give you high performance and corrosion protection that include systems requiring low viscosity fluid.
  • EXCEEDS FEDERAL MOTOR VEHICLE STANDARD: This STP brake fluid exceeds federal motor vehicle safety standard No. 116 for DOT 3 brake fluid.
  • DRIVE IT'S BEST: STP Heavy Duty Brake Fluid can give you enough brake fluid to help vehicles running smoothly and drive its best!


STP Heavy Duty Brake Fluid DOT 3 is specially formulated to coax optimum performance out of disc or drum brake systems in today’s cars and trucks. This delivers braking power when needed by avoiding a spongy pedal. Both wet and dry boiling points exceed the minimum government standards.

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