Gorilla Super Glue, Brush & Nozzle 0.35 oz


  • TWO WAYS TO DISPENSE: Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle offers two ways to dispense for control and versatility. It is a lifesaver for extensive glue ups.
  • BRUSH AND NOZZLE APPLICATOR: The fine bristle brush offers controlled coverage with less mess and the precision tip nozzle great for quick, easy dispensing
  • IMPACT TOUGH: This Gorilla super glue has a unique rubber particles that increase impact resistance and strength
  • FAST-DYING: Our Gorilla glue super glue has a fast-sting formula bond that instantly dries in 10-45 seconds and no clamping required.
  • VERSATILE: This super glue can bond plastic, wood, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper, super glue for metal and more


Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle offers two easy ways to dispense for control and accuracy. Brush & Nozzle features a precision tip nozzle and fine bristle brush that allows the user to control their super glue application, making it perfect for any project. Use of the brush versus the nozzle is up to the user’s preference. The fine bristled brush is designed for controlled coverage with less mess. The precision tip nozzle is designed for quick, easy dispensing. Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle uses the same formula as the original Gorilla Super Glue. Developed for long-lasting repairs in an instant, Gorilla Super Glue dries in 10–45 seconds and is reinforced with rubber for increased impact resistance.

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