Febreze Car Air Freshener Vent Clip - Automotive Air Fresheners Noir Scent - Car Air fresheners and Odor Eliminator, 6 Pack


  • Refreshing Noir Scent: Banish stale odors from your car and enjoy the inviting fragrance of Febreze Noir, making every journey a pleasant one.
  • Eliminates Lingering Smells: Say goodbye to stubborn odors with this vent clip that effectively neutralizes unpleasant scents, leaving your car smelling clean and fresh.
  • Easy Installation: With its compact and user-friendly design, the Febreze Noir Car Vent Clip can be effortlessly installed onto any car vent, providing hassle-free freshness on the go.
  • Ideal for automotive use: Perfect for use in automotive vehicles, whether it's your daily commute or a long road trip, Febreze Car Air Freshener Vent Clip keeps your car smelling great wherever you go.
  • Long-Lasting Fragrance: Enjoy long-lasting freshness that lasts for weeks, ensuring that your car remains a pleasant environment for you and your passengers.


Transform your driving experience with the Febreze Car Air Freshener Vent Clip, the ultimate solution to eliminate unwanted odors and infuse your vehicle with a refreshing Noir fragrance. Designed specifically for automotive use, this innovative air freshener clip is engineered to fit seamlessly onto your car's vent, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience. The compact and discreet design of the vent clip allows for easy installation, with clips located at the back for effortless attachment. Whether you're embarking on a daily commute or a long road trip adventure, Febreze Car Air Freshener Vent Clip delivers a burst of long-lasting freshness that enhances your driving environment.

Featuring the sophisticated Noir fragrance, this car vent clip introduces a captivating scent experience that elevates your car interior. With its powerful formula, Febreze effectively eliminates strong odors, leaving behind a clean and inviting atmosphere that enhances your overall driving experience. Say goodbye to the lingering smells of food, pets, or smoke, as Febreze Car Air Freshener Vent Clip works tirelessly to neutralize and freshen the air inside your vehicle. Engineered for automotive use, this vent clip is an essential accessory for any car owner looking to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable driving environment. Trust Febreze to keep your car smelling great, mile after mile, with its convenient and long-lasting air freshener vent clip.

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