BOSCH Evolution Beam Wiper Blade - 20", OE: Superior Clear Vision and Long-Lasting Performance for Your Vehicle


  • Night View technology provides uniform wiping stability across the entire length of the blade to reduce blur for optimal night clarity
  • Clear Max 365 rubber technology creates an optimal wipe angle to minimize glare for safer driving and protects the wiping edge from ozone deterioration, extreme weather, and road debris for longer life
  • Night Spoiler reduces glare from reflective lights for increased visibility and repels water droplets and minimizes ice buildup for extreme all-weather safety
  • When the SafeCheck indicator turns yellow, it is time to check your windshield wipers for safer driving in rain, sleet, and snow. Quick and easy installation.
  • Top lock, Pinch tab, Side Lock, Top Lock Narrow, Denso Top Lock


Bosch FOCUS Wiper Blade FS20 OE 20 inch. Driving in the rain can be stressful, especially at night. The Bosch FOCUS windshield wiper provides optimal night clarity and enhances safer driving.

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