Bluntpower Air Freshener Blunt Power Spray, Black Rain (Pack of 3)


  • Potent and highly concentrated
  • Unique scent that smell exactly how you imagine.
  • Hassle free and Easy to install
  • Lasts longer and is much more controllable in strength
  • Black Rain Scent


Blunt Power Air Freshener Spray is ideal for use in the car or in the home! Blunt Power Air Freshener is 100% Concentrated and it can be used as either a spray or in an oil burner. Allow the mystery of hot, steamy nights to wash over you every time you spray this air freshener’s exotic blend of electrifying citrus, and haughty bergamont, mellowed by cool undertones of brawny fern, sensual lavender, black-forest pine and mossy musk. Everyone will wonder why they find you so intoxicating every time you fill your space with this arousing air freshener.

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