Bluntpower Air Freshener Blunt Power Spray, Strawberry


  • Potent and highly concentrated
  • Unique scent that smell exactly how you imagine.
  • Hassle free and Easy to install
  • Lasts longer and is much more controllable in strength
  • Strawberry Scent


Blunt Power Air Freshener Spray is ideal for use in the car or in the home! Blunt Power Air Freshener is 100% Concentrated and it can be used as either a spray or in an oil burner. Pining for an invigorating stroll through fragrant, sun-warmed strawberry fields? Rejuvenate your senses every time you spray this air fresheners juicy meld of plump, mouthwatering strawberries alongside a sweet aromatic bouquet of Washington apple blossoms and aromatic spring violet.

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