Aroma Disc Car Jar Air Freshener Car Home Office Hanging Air Freshener Long Lasting Black Jack


  • Eliminates Unpleasant odors and creates the fresh atmosphere in your car
  • Comes inside a Elegant Glass jar
  • Fits nicely in cup holders, or anywhere in your House or Office
  • Can be used in cars , home & offices
  • Black Jack Scent


The air freshener based on the unique gel formula which proves great for high and low temperatures, guarantees stable level of the scent to the very end of the product. It neutralizes the unpleasant odors and creates the fresh atmosphere in your car, home or a workplace.Selected aromas created from the natural oils miraculously refresh the interior, removing the unpleasant odors.

Masculine spirit of Black Jack, natural notes reminiscent of a comfortable grooming past are mingled with unique, exotic aromas to create a complex, modern, wearable fragrance.

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