Armor All Kit: Car Air Fresheners - Vent Clip, Citrus Breeze + Smoke-X Rapid + 3.5 oz Spray - Midnight Air, Scent - Automotive Odor Eliminator and Air Freshener


  • Revitalize Your Ride with Armor All Kit - Vent Clip & Citrus Breeze Spray! Enjoy long-lasting freshness in your car with this automotive air freshener kit, tackling odors effectively.
  • Breathe Easy with Smoke-X Rapid - the Ultimate Odor Eliminator for Cars! This car air freshener leaves behind the refreshing scent of Midnight Air, and the vent clip ensures a continuous burst of freshness.
  • Say Goodbye to Unwanted Odors! Armor All Kit includes a potent odor eliminator spray for your car. Experience Odor Elimination like never before and enjoy a Smoke-X Rapid boost.
  • Drive in Comfort and Style! This car air freshener and odor eliminator combo keeps your car smelling clean and pleasant. Get rid of unpleasant odors with ease.
  • The Power of 3-in-1! Armor All Kit - Vent Clip, Citrus Breeze, Smoke-X Rapid, and 3.5 oz Spray in Midnight Air. Unleash the magic of automotive air fresheners for a fragrant, odor-free driving experience.


Revitalize your daily drive with the Armor All Kit, the ultimate solution for a fresh, invigorating car environment. Imagine the pleasure of stepping into your vehicle, enveloped in the delightful scents of Citrus Breeze and Midnight Air. This kit is your answer to a fragrant and odor-free automotive haven.

This exclusive package includes a Vent Clip, Citrus Breeze Air Freshener, Smoke-X Rapid Odor Eliminator, and a 3.5 oz Spray in Midnight Air. The Vent Clip ensures a continuous burst of freshness, while the odor eliminator spray effectively banishes unwanted scents. It's the perfect combination of convenience and performance.

Why settle for a mundane car experience when you can transform it into a daily indulgence? Whether you're dealing with stubborn odors or want to elevate your car's ambiance, the Armor All Kit covers you. Say goodbye to unwanted odors and hello to a more pleasant driving experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a car that reflects your style and personality. Upgrade your automotive journey with the Armor All Kit today. Your vehicle deserves the best, and you deserve the refreshing, long-lasting fragrances that this kit provides. Elevate your daily drive, and make your car an oasis of freshness. Order now and experience the difference!

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