Armor All Ceramic Tire Shine and Wheel Cleaner Combo Pack (2 Items)


  • Wheel & Tire Combo: One Armor All Extreme Shield + Ceramic Wheel and Tire Coating Combo Pack with one 18 oz can of Wheel Cleaner and one 16 oz can of Tire Coating
  • Minimum Effort, Maximum Results: A simple spray delivers an invisible protective barrier that repels and helps prevent dirt and road grime from sticking to your wheels and tires
  • Dirt-Repelling Technology: Creates a barrier that helps extend the time between cleanings
  • Aerosol Wheel and Tire Cleaner: Features a multi-directional sprayer for even coverage
  • Car Protectant Wheel Cleaner: Safe to use on all factory and aftermarket coated wheels when used as directed


Armor All Extreme Shield + Ceramic Tire Coating dirt-repelling formula shines and protects, plus leaves behind a durable barrier using SiO2-based technology that helps tires stay clean, longer. Patent Pending Formula. Non-greasy, medium shine finish dries to the touch. Endures for weeks against rain, dirt and multiple car washes. Easy-to-use multidirectional aerosol spray with uniform coverage.

Keep your wheels clean for longer with our Extreme Shield + Ceramic Wheel Cleaner. Its invisible protective barrier repels and prevents dirt & road grime from sticking to your wheel’s surface.

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