Turtle Wax Premium Grade Polishing Compound - 18 oz. (T-417)


  • Removes light swirl marks, minor scratches and oxidation
  • Silicone free formula is safe for use in professional detail, paint and body shops
  • Can be applied by hand or with an orbital or rotary polisher
  • Safe for all finishes
  • Restores gloss and color to all automotive painted surfaces
  • Can be used with cotton, microfiber or foam pads


Turtle Wax Premium Grade Polishing Compound goes easy on your clear coat with a gentle touch to remove light scratches, swirls, spiderwebbing, oxidation, stains and fading.
For lighter-duty jobs, it’s the ideal, one-step solution for car scratch repair. This polishing compound contains zero fillers, waxes or silicones.
The beautiful gloss you’ll see when you’re done will be your actual paint and clear coat, not the result of some masking agent. Even better, this car scratch remover creates very little dusting and no white residue on the finish of your car or truck.

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