Turtle Wax Jet-Black Black Spray Wax - 16 oz.


  • Black tinted spray wax is ideal for maintaining and enhancing all shades of black including dark charcoal and metallic black
  • Carnauba enriched formula provides an extremely high gloss shine and super slick finish that beads water in even the harshest conditions
  • Can also be used on black plastic and rubber trim without staining
  • Turtle Wax black detailer can be Used for quick cleaning in between regular spray wax applications
  • The high Carnauba wax content will fill in and hide minor swirl marks


Jet Black Car Care
Turtle Wax has made it easy to keep black cars looking their best with a specialized line of product created specifically for black surfaces. Turtle Wax Jet Black products use a proprietary black-tinted technology to fill in blemishes while deepening mirror-like reflections. No other products make black cars look this good.

Turtle Wax Jet Black Spray Wax
Developed exclusively for black exteriors, the brag-worthy results are sure to make other car drivers envious of the slick, like-new appearance. Dedicated black-tinted technology provides an eye-catching shine in between regular washing & waxing. The carnauba-enriched formula gently cleans and removes light dust & fingerprints while filling in swirl marks. Easily boosts the shine of black paint, bumpers, trim, window seals, and more.

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