T-Rex Blind Spot Mirror, Attaches to Your Exterior Car Mirror (3.75"x2.5" Rectangular 2-Pack)


  • Easy to install, simply peel and stick the ultra-strong adhesive on to existing rear view mirror.
  • Engineered for size and curvature for the best ratio of largest image while covering the least area on your door mirrors.
  • Universal fit blindspot mirrors for Truck, Suv, Car, Trailer, Etc.
  • Made from highly durable material that is waterproof, rust proof anti-glare and no hazing glass.
  • Maximize your view with a wide angle for parking, pulling out of a parking spot, checking mirrors for bikers, etc.


Having a greater awareness of your surroundings can save you at a moment’s notice from a possible collision. Enhance your road safety with these T-Rex 3.75x2.5" rectangular wedge shape blind-spot mirrors for your car or truck.

The rectangular blind spot mirrors provide an extended view of what's hiding in your blind spot and make objects in mirror much more closer. Broad vision, sight effectively eliminates blind spots, increasing driving safety.

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