Smoke Smell Be-Gone! Natural Non-Aerosol Air Freshener for Home, Office & Car, Lemon Scent 2-Pack


  • Eliminates Smoke Smells Permanently
  • Safe To Use, No Special Safety Equipment Required
  • No Carcinogens, No Harmful Phtlates, No Benzene
  • Extra Long Lasting Fragrance (Up To 7 Hours)
  • Convenient Travel Friendly Size


Get rid of smoke smell now!
Smoke Smell Be Gone! by Airavida, is the single best solution for eliminating smoke odors. It is a convenient, safe and effective remedy against those tough smoke smells created from Cigarettes, Cigars, Shisha / Hookah, pipes and any other smoke related products. Unlike Air Fresheners which only mask odors temporarily, the natural extracts in Smoke Smell Be Gone eliminates smoke odors at the source.
Smoke Smell Be Gone! quickly gets rid of cigarette smell and other smoke smells in your car or house through its proprietary blend of herb, weed and natural extracts.
You no longer need to try to hide the smell of smoke or buy an expensive smoke eater or get a smoke odor removal team, Just spray Smoke Smell Be Gone! and its gone! Instantly and permanently!
What’s more, Smoke Smell Be Gone! is free of phthalates.

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