Refresh Scented Gel Air Freshener Car Home & Office Odor Eliminator, 2.5oz Very Cherry Scent


  • Comes with Scent control lids to select the level of fragrance released
  • Fragrance in a discreet and easily hidden container
  • 2.5oz water-based gel can; Very Cherry Scent
  • Fits in cup holder
  • Great for SUV’s , UV’s, RV's, Speed boats, Mid-size cars, Compact-size cars, Electric cars ,Hybrids ,Offices and Home


The Refresh Your Car Gel Cans pack a powerful fragrance experience in a discreet and easily latent container. The Single scent water-based gel can with scent control lids to select the level of fragrance released. The Refresh Your Car Organic Can is a highly efficient air freshener for the environmentally conscious consumer. If you are looking for a discreet air freshener option - look no further than Refresh Your Car Cans!

Very Cherry captures the essence of fresh-picked cherries and has a candy-like allure that immediately emanates throughout your vehicle. Very Cherry is an irresistible aromatic fragrance force that will be noticed by a anyone who enjoys a ride in your vehicle.

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