Refresh Essentials Collection Stress Free Lavender Vent Stick Air Freshener (24 Sticks)

Use your car’s climate control system to dispense long-lasting fragrance with these auto vent sticks from Refresh Your Car! Essentials Collection.

Simply attach a vent stick to any vent in your vehicle—the fragrance fills your cabin automatically when the climate control system is turned on.

A distinct shape button top that rotates to reinforce mood and emotion. Adjustable button allows the top to be faced in different directions no matter vent design or position.

Refresh Your Car! Essentials Collection vent sticks are an affordable solution with a small and discreet design for easy-to-use for freshening up the atmosphere of your car, truck, or van and much more.

Fragrances inspired by natural essential oils used to enhance mood and have aroma therapeutic feeling/scent.

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