Refresh Car and Home Vent Sticks Air Freshener Odor Eliminator, Cucmber Melon Scent (4 Sticks)


  • Longer lasting alternative to hanging cardboard and aerosol air fresheners for cars
  • Can be used in the home, office, gym bag, luggage
  • Ideal for all vehicles, its dual vent fragrance gives an scintillating effect to your car
  • They Can be clipped discretely into car's air vents with the help of air flow from vents to release the fragrances and eliminate bad odors
  • Cucumber Melon scent


Refresh Your Car Vent Sticks provide an affordable and easy-to-use approach to adding incomparable scents to your car. Available in Single and Dual scent varieties, simply insert them in your vent and enjoy the fragrance.

Cucumber Melon is an iconic fragrance that stands the test of time. Refreshing cucumber and smooth crisp melon combine to lift the spirits and the lighten mood in any vehicle.

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