R-134a PAG 100 Medium Viscosity Oil Charge (3 oz.)


  • Medium viscosity 100 ISO oil for R-134a OEM A/C systems.
  • Universal Oil
  • Safe for all A/C systems.
  • 2 oz PAG oil charge, 1 oz R-134a.
  • Meets OEM specifications.


PAG 100 is a medium viscosity refrigerant oil for R 134 A automotive air conditioning systems. PAG 100 meets OE specifications and is ISO 100 viscosity. Comes in a easy charge can with a R134 compatible fitting, 2 ounces of PAG 100 oil and a small amount (1 ounce) of R134 A. Always refer to manufacturer specifications before filling. ICE 32 creates a film that seeks out and adheres to metal surfaces. It's polarized and modified molecules power through air-conditioning systems, providing better flow and improved cooling performance. It extends air conditioning system life because it reduces friction which cuts down wear on metal parts and seals, prevents sludge to keep the compressor clean, eliminates moisture preventing oxidation and acid, cuts humidity and drier air improves cabin comfort.

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