Orpaz Ruger Security 9 Magazine Holder with Paddle Attachment to fit Another Holster


  • Add your Orpaz Holster to this Paddle GEN II adapter that comes with a Magazine holster
  • Compatible with the Ruger Security 9 Magazine. Constructed from rugged, lightweight polymer
  • Adjustable retention and rotation
  • Modular design that is compatible with all Orpaz attachments and adapters
  • Designed in cooperation with Israeli law enforcement, with first responders in mind


Eran Series with Paddle GEN II
Be prepared for anything with the Orpaz magazine holster and Paddle GEN II Attachment, that is ready to carry another Orpaz holster with the Magazine, for a quick and effective respond to a threat.
The Orpaz Ruger Security 9 magazine holder with the Paddle GEN II Attachment is adjustable for rotation & retention, and is compatible with all Orpaz adapters & attachments, so you enjoy 100% modularity.
Made in Israel from high quality impact-resistant polymer.

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