MotionWise Pneumatic Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 21"x25"x30.5"-45.5", Snow White


  • Durable surface
  • Easy height adjustability
  • Pneumatic mechanism
  • Table is perfect for offices, schools, restaurants, trade shows, social settings, and more
  • MDF with PVC on Top


Incorporating a single pneumatic pedestal design and included roll-about locking casters and rubberized leveling feet, the Diversa Series affords the user the opportunity to create a table, desk or work station from the same carton.

The compact 25.5”x21’5” laminate surface is available in midnight black or snow white matched to a single paddle-lever, height control, with piston shaft and quad-cross base for mobility and stability. Weighing just 32 pounds and having a capacity of 35 pounds, Diversa provides the optimum in functionality, at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobility carts or sit/stand desks.

Ideal for use in elementary schools as a stationary desk. The included rubber feet, allow for a height range from 27.5”–42.5” with custom height adjustments for children of all ages. Having the same unit function as a sit/stand desk allows for the venting of pent-up energy, affording a healthier educational environment with increased attention spans and improved retention levels, while the included pencil tray and beverage holder offer on-the-top organization and attached bag hook keeps back packs off the floor and away from dirt and germs.

Mobile Work Station: Incorporate the over-sized casters and Diversa becomes a mobile workstation with a height range of 30.5”-45.5”. Using the deep pencil tray for cellphone storage or as a monitor slot, the user has the ability to take their personal workstation with them from point-to-point, patient-to-patient, class-to-class without “packing up” each time they move. Ideal for schools, classrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, factories and foundries, Diversa improves efficiency for anyone on the move, while the individual height adjustment ensures optimum working height for those who enjoy the benefits of a personalized workstation, regardless of where their work takes place.

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