Majic Microfiber Super Wash Mitt Re-usable Super soft Lint-free With Microfiber Strands


  • Super-soft Microfiber safely lifts, holds dirt and dust
  • Use for Cleaning, Drying and Polishing
  • Cleans without chemicals
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Scratch and Lint Free


Majic's Microfiber Super Wash Mitt was designed to hold more water yet rinse totally clean with a quick twist or shake in your bucket. The mitt can be used wet or dry. Dry, it will attract dust inside of your car or your home with static absorption. Wet, it will absorb tons of water to wash the outside of the car, boat, etc. Our Super Wash Mitt is built with hundreds of thick microfiber strands that are tightly woven into twisted strands. They are extra-soft and super-gentle on your paint; the water acts as a lubricant to work across the car's surface so it will never scratch or leave any residue behind.

8 inch wide by 11 inch long.

90% Microfiber 10% Spandex

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