IMI Defense Roto Sig Sauer Holster Retention Fits Sig Sauer P250 Full size (9mm/.40/357) & P320


  • Designed for military and police personnel. Great for civilians and off duty officers
  • Right handed Polymer Holster
  • Tension screw adjusts with a simple allen key (included)
  • Rotates 360 degrees for every application (small of back, cross draw)
  • Made in Israel


Developed in Israel, each IMI Defense product has met the most demanding needs of the military and defense community and has won acclaim among the elite units of both the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police Forces.

This IMI Defense Holster made of durable black polymer, has a comfortable and contoured fit, it sits where your trigger finger normally slides at The Ready
Easy to use, simply depress the lever and remove the firearm, Fully adjustable for cant, Retention with zero time to disengage, Detachable single magazine pouch rail or Protective sight channel.

Fits Sig Sauer P250 Full size (9mm/.40/357), Sig Sauer P320

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