IMI Defense 1911 Officer's Pistols (9mm/.38 Super &10mm Auto) One Piece Paddle Holster


  • Designed for military and police personnel. Great for civilians and off duty officers
  • Right handed Polymer Holster
  • Tension screw adjusts with a simple allen key (included)
  • Unique one piece design with no rivets
  • Made in Israel


Developed in Israel, each IMI Defense product has met the most demanding needs of the military and defense community and has won acclaim among the elite units of both the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police Forces.

This IMI Defense Holster made of High tech space age polymers using a single injection molding, Holds closer to the body than any other paddle Holster on the market, No joints also means no weak areas to break, to loosen, and no slapping effect while running or being active.
15 degree forward cant (FBI style) for most aggressive tactical presentation. Protective sight channel.

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