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GOSO Inflatable Sofa Chair Lounger For All Outdoor Adventures, Picnics, Camping, Beach & More -Green


  • Waterproof Strong & Durable, can hold 440 Lb. (200kg) and still have 80-90% of air left inside after 12 hours
  • External material is Quality Parachute fabric, Internal material is Polyethylene to avoid leaks
  • To inflate open one mouth at a time and pull it along in the opposite direction of the breeze
  • Big enough to fit 3 people and can be used anywhere
  • Easy to carry with the comfortable carrying bag thats included


If you would want to transform your outdoor experience when the hot summer season comes around, one piece that must be top of your list is this unique inflatable lounger. It’s a perfect companion for all outdoor outings. With it, you are sure to get an outdoor experience like never before.

High Grade Strong Material: the GOSO Inflatable Beach Lounger is made from the best quality nylon material which ensures that it is very strong, tough and durable. It’s so strong that it can support a weight of up to 440 Lb. and still keep 80-90% of air inside after 12 hours of use.

Easy to Set Up: Setting up this sofa is quite a breeze. Simply take it outside, open one mouth at a time and pull it along in the opposite direction of the breeze. It will fill up after a few time repeating this process (depends on the wind), and then you quickly tighten up the mouth and lock it up. After use, it’s equally very easy to deflate.

Convenient and Comfortable: It is very convenient to carry along as it comes with carriage bag which has an adjustable strap so that you can simply hang across your shoulder and move on. It also offers great comfort when fully inflated; it can take as much 3 adults at once and so is perfect for a family of 3 or for you and your 2 friends.

Multipurpose Use: The GOSO lounger is suitable for indoor uses and especially perfect for all outdoor adventures. Whether you are going for picnics, camping, festivals, BBQ, beach holidays or just spending time outdoor, you will find it a very worthy and indispensable companion.

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