Glade Car & Home Scented Sachet Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator, Hawaiian Breeze Scent


  • Fits indistinctly under any car seat or hangs from the review-view mirror and dispenses a constant flow of fresh scents all day long.
  • Non-spilling, tactful means of fragrancing your vehicle
  • Makes you feel right at home with it's fresh-baked deliciousness.
  • Perfect for compact sedans, Suvs , Rvs , home, garage, office & speed boats
  • Hawaiian Breeze Scent


Keep your car & home fresh with Glade scented sachet automotive air fresheners. Sachets are infused with premium Glade fragrance oil. They are versatile air fresheners that can be hung from the rear view mirror or placed in discreet locations in your car or at your home for an appealing and a pleasant fragrance.

Make your car & home more inviting with the tropical scent of fragrant fruits and plumeria with Glade Hawaiian Breeze Scented Sachets.

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